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If you choose to run for the RunThrough Foundation you can secure yourself a guaranteed entry for any RunThrough event, even if it is sold out!

The minimum donation amount to guarantee your entry and run for the Foundation in your chosen event is £80 (£100 for Ultra races). This is payable upon entering the event and includes the cost of your race entry fee. Just select your chosen event from the list and proceed through the checkout flow. Once complete, you will have a secured a place in your chosen event. You are not required to raise any further funds for the Foundation after completing checkout, but we would love if you would consider fundraising for our charity partner if the event has one.

We appreciate your support. The RunThrough Foundation removes barriers to entry for low-income neighbourhoods by offering FREE, large-scale running events. These are accessible via a free balloted system with postcode priority for thousands of participants.


We are working to build an active and healthy nation, inspired to create stronger community connections by running together.

Running is the most easily accessible sport, with little to no barrier to entry and countless mental and physical benefits that everyone should experience.

By opening the door on mass participation running events for those who wouldn’t otherwise experience one, we are binning the excuses and sharing the magic of running with the nation.

The RunThrough Foundation mission is to empower people from low-income areas across the UK to transform their lives and mental wellbeing through equal access to running events, training programmes and workshops.

Anyone put on some trainers and step outside the door to go for a run but roughly only 10% of the UK population participate in running. That means there are millions of people yet to experience not only the mental and physical benefits of running events but the powerful social aspects too.