What We Do




The RunThrough Foundation

The RunThrough Foundation removes barriers to entry for low-income neighbourhoods by offering FREE, large-scale running events. These are accessible via a free balloted system with postcode priority for thousands of participants. 

Our support doesn’t end at the finish line. We also actively promote and support participation in running programmes and workshops in the communities in which we hold our events. These continue throughout the year, completely free of charge. 

This is an unprecedented, world-first project that will revolutionise the running and mass participation industry. The RunThrough Foundation is creating a new standard of what can be achieved in the goal of building a healthier and more active nation.

The RunThrough Foundation ‘open’ concept will expand to a new town each year, enabling everyone to get involved.


Mental & Physical Health

It is proven that regular exercise relieves tension and stress, boosts energy and mental health and enhances well-being. We know from experience that when participants sign up for an event and set a goal, they are far more likely to keep up with regular training. Running undoubtedly improves health and can unite local communities by encouraging involvement and promoting positivity.

Charities We Work With: