For Businesses

Supporting staff wellness through exercise and sporting events

For Charities

We help Charities receive free event places  and readily engaged fundraisers

For Events

Sport for Charity partner events help improve employee health and raise money for charity

Something About Us

Both of our founding trustees have worked in and around charities and events for several years and had first hand experience of how employees physical and mental health were effected through lack of regular exercise and the great outdoors. It was often apparent that those with physical goals built into their day to day lives seemed happier and more productive at work.

We were literally given the perfect case study during the Covid-19 pandemic although we would have never asked for it! The lockdown showed in no uncertain terms that being locked in without the regular enjoyment of sport, our work colleagues and friends we live much unhealthier, unhappier lives.                           Tamara Fitzgerald January 2021. 

It was our existing passion and the continued battle during the 2020/2021 pandemic that led us to launch the Sport for Charity Trust. The main aims are to help improve physical and mental health for all people in the UK and to educate businesses and employees of the huge rewards that come from taking part in sporting events and raising money for charities that truly matter to specific individuals.

Meet Our Founding Trustees

Lucy Harfield

Lucy Harfield

Founding Trustee

Lucy has worked with national events team RunThrough events for several years and is well known amongst their growing community. Lucy’s true passion is helping and supporting mental health charities.

Tamara Fitzgerald

Tamara Fitzgerald

Founding Trustee

Having worked with Run for Charity for many years and with celebrity Bear Grylls Tamara is passionate about charity and how sport can positively effect our lives. 


Our Goals

Supporting Charities

We aim to support existing charities in the UK by encouraging businesses to actively promote and educate staff on the benefits of particpating in a sporting event and raising money for charity. Sport for Charity provide the means and the businesses raise the money.

Working with Businesses

Our aim is to work with and support every business in the UK. Its often difficult to know how to give to charity as a business. Employees on average will raise more money from a £50 event place than if their business were to give a charity a £50 cash donation.

Partnering with Events

We are partnering with events all over the UK so that they can benefit from the Sport for Charity network. After the difficulties of the pandemic it is one of Sport for Charities aims to help events bring back some of the lost revenue  they incurred. #weloveevents 

Mental Health

Research shows that training for and taking part in sporting events will improve a persons mental health. The sense of accomplishment and camaraderie that is felt when raising money for charity is also shown to do the same, Sport for Charity is working with employers to combine the two. 

Physical Health

Our physical health is something that should not be taken for granted. Through Sport for Charity we will improve the nations overall physical health with the help of dedicated businesses. Businesses will support their employees through the gift of time devoted to exercise sport and charity.

Supporting the NHS

The pandemic reminded us all of the incredible work the NHS does day to day. We believe that actively educating and facilitating the participation in sporting events for all UK employees will do this. Improved mental and physical health across the board will help achieve this. 

We Are An Experienced Team

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